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T.C. (Tommy) Douglas

T.C. (Tommy) Douglas, past premier of the Province of Saskatchewan, Father of Medicare in Canada Messages received through
Canadian Telepaths

T.C. (Tommy) Douglas,
Past Premier of the
Province of Saskatchewan,
Father of Medicare in Canada

14th December 2005: - It is necessary to give back to the Members of Parliament the right to make decisions that represent the wishes of their constituents, and not their prime minister. There needs to be a free vote in the House of Commons at all times.

There are many noble Canadians who are now on this side [heaven], who will be able to speak to telepaths like you, and who will guide the leaders of each province. Tell the people to become aware that we are 'alive', that we have an interest in the welfare of Canada, and that we can guide you. The actual applying of pressure to your government lies with you.

27 Dec 2005: - There is a veritable army of workers waiting to be called, but there is no one to call them to duty. The politicians in Canada have not been aware of a grassroots element that is very much hopeful for a change in the system of government in Canada. They abhor the unequal representation in government, and they are tired of the present parliamentary system.

The people of Canada want a change in the system of government.

We in our realm can describe to them how other planets govern. On Pleiades, for example, they have a cooperative government, and have had for thousands of years. The government works as does a library board. Elections are held regularly, and members move up according to talent, enthusiasm, experience, and willing to serve. We are most interested that a council be formed, so that with the assistance of Helen or some other telepathist, we could guide you as to how to tell the people of Canada what you have in mind, and how it could be brought about.

We would begin again, as did the CCF in the 1930s and 1940s, with cells, and constituency groups. However, the really important changes must be made at the top, where the Senate will be removed, and government will be truly of the people.

26 Feb 2006:- Please tell the people of Canada that I am as committed to helping them now as I was when I was Premier of Saskatchewan. There are many issues that need reform.

What has happened to our native people? They are still in the same position as they were years ago. There is no excuse for still having reserves and our poor natives prisoners to the system. The government should have integrated natives into our society a long time ago. They could all be educated and leading productive lives if this had been done. I wish to see more talks on the agenda about this matter.

2 Apr 2006:- Remember to elect with your heart. Remember what is important. Love for all, rights for all people, whether they are poor, gay, single parents, of different cultures. The laws of a government should reflect the welfare and need of all Canadians. Make them accountable.

10 Apr 2006:- We must first change what adults and young children view on the television and theatres. We must insist on respect for our bodies, and remove violence, aggression and greed from the screen. If we start to oppose such programming, we can start to change the thinking of our youth. It is up to us to make sure we send out the right message to our children. Let us teach them what is right and what is wrong at a very early age. Do not be afraid to discipline your children when young. First of all show the proper behaviour. If their behaviour is unacceptable, let them know they have to make changes and why. They will be better adults and respect you for it later.

14 Sep 2006:- There have always been many alternatives to using oil to fuel your vehicles. We know vehicles can be designed to run on electricity, or vegetable oil. Some have invented vehicles that operate on water alone. We also have other forms of energy available to operate our appliances. Zero point energy is free and your governments have known it for decades. To change would mean all corporations and those who own them would lose millions of dollars. They would also lose control over you. The wealthy would cease to be wealthy. You must believe that we have these alternative resources. The world is an illusion, created by the wealthy. It's time we speak out and demand these free alternatives.

26 Oct 2006:- So what can we do you ask? Find yourselves new leaders. True humanitarians, ones who won't puff up when they get into the cat house. If you know such a person, it's time to have a chat with them about how we need people like him or her to bust the system. I'll bet each of you knows someone like that in your neighbourhood. Perhaps you are that person?

Here are the requirements: Must be true humanitarians, fairly good public speakers, historians. Must believe we have the power to make global changes very quickly if we band together. With the help of working people they must be willing to address and find solutions for the problems of global warming, an end to pollution, peace not war, food, clothing and housing for all, medical care for all, alternative sources of energy, cleaning up our planet, and education.

29 May, 2007:- I know you are busy, but steer people toward the CAP/PAC (Canadian Action Party) as best as you can. As you know, they think as NESARA does. It doesn't matter if they, as a party, get in, or not, as per Milson's "Government" write up   [a paper not yet published, but someone has obviously been reading over my shoulder! - Milson].   But you should become familiar with their names and their positions on various topics. You will need the leaders.

8 Oct 2008:- Our plans include government of and for peace and with Joy that will bring enthusiasm to each citizen. Citizen participation is key, for true democracy, especially divine democracy thrives with every individual being as important and equal as the next. This new democracy will vary from what is in place at present, although the important guidelines will still be the major keys that will be followed.

All constitutions will be followed in this way and will include divine guidance from those on our side who are knowledgeable in the field and have had experience on Earth in previous times. Those of us with positive experience, who effected positive change will be at the fore.

As the new plan for government unfolds, you will be delighted and in awe of how a government can include peace, brotherhood, and harmony among all.

7 Nov 2008:- There are many politicians in this country who are ready for change. They will be the forerunners, although they are mostly waiting to see the changes of reform in the US first. Then they will follow the lead to create changes in this country. We are aware that many in this great country wish that they could select a leader like the new US president. Know that your day will come too.

We see and rejoice in the fact that there is an unprecedented number of young people who have assisted with the outcome of the election. It is their consciousness that has helped to affect change. These young ones are important in the changing times to come. They will be invaluable in creating a new system, for they have been depressed about what lay in their futures if the old regime continued. There has been a freedom fanned and flamed in the heart of America.

There is a plan in effect that will take place step by step. As the people become ready, the plan will take hold. It will give them incentive and enthusiasm to continue to play their part in democracy. This will cause more empowerment. They have hopped aboard the freedom train and are ready to ride the track that will carry them down the line to peace, harmony and freedom.

This is the beginning of Stewardship with Divine Guidance.

1 Jan 2009:- In the ethers we see that there is a change sweeping this beautiful land. Consciousness of the people has changed collectively. Only great things will come from this. Know that there may be times ahead of more uncertainty, even of chaos, but know that it is all part of the huge changes sweeping this planet. Things simply cannot change without a bit of havoc, and the havoc that was created a long time ago by those of the lesser light takes time to be completely gone. No longer are there worries or concerns for us in the upper dimension for we are aware of what has transpired and know it is just a matter of time for you.

We cannot and will not yet call the major politicians of this great country 'stewards'. As of now, those who are running things are not our choice. All those in power must not be allowed to continue the way they have been. The shake up that recently happened is a good thing as far as a catalyst for change as it has opened people's eyes. At least the citizens were rattled enough to discuss and share their feelings about. There is less apathy. It is like a preparation for even more shake ups.

27 Apr 2009:- For the people, by the people and of the people will become a way of life. Of course, it might be rewritten to suit the new consciousness that is arising. That will be left to you, the stewards of the new consciousness.

14 May 2009:- More of you must step up to the plate and voice your concerns. This is something that you do not hear from your leaders, when was the last time that you heard one of your leaders expounding on changing things for the good of their citizens? They are rare and they would be extremely wise to begin speaking from their hearts on these important subjects no matter what the consequences!

We see future farming as totally different. When one grows or raises a specific crop or animal, whether it is beef, pork or poultry, it will be a small operation. It will be just the right amount to accommodate the land, the water and the air. There will be no toxins as a result of farming. It will all be ecologically sound. Waste products will fertilize the land naturally.

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