- Senatus populusque Canadensis -

When we wake up one morning at least 30% of the population will be missing.

It may take a little while for the public to realize this, but it can be expected to cause consternation once they do. This has never been experienced before.

How many of your 'friends' and acquaintances will still be here?

The planet has been cleansed of all Dark entities, the Illuminati and their minions. They have either come to the Light or have been moved on.

Friendly extraterrestrials, representing our Galactic Family, have come to this planet to act as ambassadors and advisors in establishing new governments which will be made up of trustworthy, capable and spiritually aware individuals. Politicians and political parties will be history. The contribution of the feminine aspect will be welcomed at all levels.

Each government must be OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people - a government that will ultimately enhance life for every person in the land.

The public announcement systems (radio and TV) will have a 'panel' explaining the changed environment and introducing your new government leaders, who will be advanced Lightworkers. They may not be familiar to you.

Your new Leader will have been divinely appointed and will hold office until free elections are arranged and a new government, truly representing the people, is established. How long this will take will depend on several variables - how soon the public accepts the fact that they have been lied to by so many areas of business, and appreciate the new arrangements for the operation of commerce; and how soon they come to grips with both a vastly changed new society, and a new business environment.

The identity of the individual appointed as a country's Leader will take most people by surprise as the 'leaders in waiting' have kept a very low profile while preparing for their new mission, and may be quite unknown to the general public.

Statute laws (which means most of them) are invalidated, as they were passed by those who were not lawfully elected. The extraterrestrial ambassadors will monitor or audit all activities, giving advice to the President and his 'Board of Directors'/Cabinet, who, during their tenure, will overhaul government departments and staff requirements, and establish new rules for operations in all spheres, both government and civil. Until then the President will issue Executive Orders.

Comprehensive information on all the changes which have taken place, or will take place, will be repeated frequently on radio and television, and reported in newspapers worldwide, so that the news reaches all corners of the country, and of the globe. There will be CDs and DVDs available containing all this information. Eventually the President will be elected by the people: this will be the first time that the people of Canada have been allowed to select their Head of State.

Much of our criminality arises from resentment and dissatisfaction at the lack of abundance, and the grossly unfair distribution of wealth. People who enjoy freedom are happy, and more likely to become model citizens in a fair and just society. With freedom of course comes responsibility.

It will be the greatest adjustment that mankind has made since the beginning of 'time'. But it will be for the benefit of all - except for those who have controlled or tried to control and enslave the world, solely for their own personal benefit, and who are still unrepentant.

Welcome to the Golden Age!


9th December, 2011

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Intellectual Property December 2011
Dr Milson Macleod
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