This is introducing to the world - STEWARDSHIP WITH DIVINE GUIDANCE.

Canada is no longer a constitutional monarchy, ending the 478 year reign of French and British kings and queens over Canada (since 1534).

EXECUTIVE ORDERS are required to confirm and define CANADA as an independent, sovereign state, not subservient to any foreign power, and to outline clearly all necessary changes to ensure that these changes are effected beneficially nationwide.

Humans have always been sovereign Beings. Now we make that official worldwide.

Canada no longer has royalty, so everything previously connected with "The Queen" or "The Crown" (actually the Temple Court in London) or her retinue is rendered null and void. This applies to currency, documents, postage stamps, positions, organisations, seals and physical structures. There is however no requirement to deface anything that currently carries reference to royalty (except documents): in all things commonsense shall prevail.

Throughout the planet new leaders have been divinely appointed to guide and steward countries into this New (Golden) Age and to arrange free elections. But first the populace must fully understand how in the past they have been misled by misinformation, or a lack of information, organized by the EVIL on this planet, in which the Illuminati played a major role. These have now been removed. There will be a 3-day holiday, but it will take much longer for the people to be re-educated and to fully comprehend the vastness of these changes or the consequent beneficial impact upon their daily lives.

With 30% of the world's population now removed (the energies of Darkness), the people will soon come to realize the extent of damage that this has caused worldwide and the complexity of putting things aright. It will take the cooperation of all Canadians, and the sooner this is realized, the quicker the recovery and the faster compensation can be made to help correct the wrongs that have been committed against them.

The Queen no longer plays any part in the government of Canada, and is not a Canadian citizen. The terms Prime Minister and Minister will no longer be used as there will be no more ministering to royalty. The term 'Overseer' or 'Secretary' will be used to replace 'Minister' and departments will be realigned.

In sub-national entities (provinces and territories) the term Premier may continue in use until such time as the people may decide upon an alternative.

There has never been a 'First Lady' of Canada as the Prime Minister was never 'Head of State' so the role of First Lady must be developed for the first time in Canada.

As royalty is no longer connected in any way with CANADA, all documents containing reference in any fashion to a monarch, or member of the monarch's retinue, shall be deleted, and the form or document redesigned for all future use. All Naturalized Canadians shall be required to take a fresh vow of allegiance to Canada, rather than the Queen, within one year of this date, and a new Certificate of Citizenship shall then be issued.

To summarize:
Royalty, the peers, political parties and all branches of the Illuminati have served no constructive nor useful service to Canada and Canadians and have therefore been removed from the Canadian scene.

The Illuminati had planned to reduce the world population ("the useless eaters") from 7 billion to ½ billion [see World Depopulation Plan - Global 2000 and "Winds of Change"] - but the plan backfired and now they themselves - 30% of the world's population - entities of Darkness - have been removed. We have therefore much to celebrate.

CANADA has always been recognized as a world leader and will continue to be so into the Golden Age, led by independent, spiritually-minded individuals who are experts in their field and eager to share their knowledge and innovative technologies with an enlightened new world.

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Dr Milson Macleod, December 2011
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