An independent, sovereign

Fellow Scots, who fervently urge their fellowmen onwards towards an independent Scotland ..... HOLD ON!

It is not that far off, nor will the difficulties be anything like as troublesome as you may imagine. The world is entering a completely new phase, and you will soon benefit from it, from abundance for all to sovereignty. It will arrive as a lamb - not as a lion.

Starting in USA, followed close on its heels by CANADA, the momentous changes will then hit BRITAIN.

And that of course includes you.

And apart from the general benefits that will flow, there are also philanthropists who have their own additional humanitarian projects, such as one that is aimed at enhancing life in the Highlands as some compensation for the inhumane, criminal 'Highland Clearances' of long ago. It includes free energy for families and small business as well as new, environmentally-friendly technologies to increase the nutritional value and volume of crops.

There is also the freeing of the land - no land can ever be 'owned' as it is part and parcel of Mother Earth herself: one can only be an 'Earth Steward' for whatever portion of land one is able to effectively manage. Royalty for one thing has no claim whatsoever - neither on land nor on wildlife - which of course also applies to the minions of the monarchy, now or in the past.

The general provisions of abundance which start in USA under the name 'NESARA' include the abolition of income and most other taxes, which were always illegal, and the zeroing-out of credit card balances, mortgages, loans from banks and financial institutions including student loans. Compensation is then paid out monthly for 10 years for past bank fraud (in USA this is said to be $100,000 monthly).

Money in due course will have no value and will cease to be used.

Actually, at the moment it is also valueless as 95% of it is electronically created on a bank computer - and there is no double-entry book-keeping for the actions of any bank (just for their customers!). On the other hand of course one must understand future trends, which will be implemented quite quickly. The underlying philosophy is that WE ARE ALL ONE!

Cooperation will be the byword of the new age or era rather than competition. We will work WITH each other. That changes the scenario dramatically - a concept which will be difficult for most to understand - at least in the beginning.

There will be no political parties (who will be deeply chagrined to learn that - it has been a major tool in controlling the people for the benefit of the international cabal), no international borders, no censorship, no immigration controls and, as wars will cease, there will be no armed forces.

So cool the rhetoric. There will be no violence. Be patient. Look forward to a happy and contented future. It will be a SUDDEN change initially, so be prepared. ALL COUNTRIES WILL SOON BE SOVEREIGN ..... including SCOTLAND.

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Dr Milson Macleod, September 2012

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